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Mindfulness and the Poem

Poetry is a contemplative practice that enables the expression of our deepest truths.  Throughout the ages, poetry has given voice to our inner experiences, allowing thoughts, feelings, and the sensations of the body to  be shared through the activity of the mind.

Poetry is both a mindfulness exercise and an expression of a mindful presence.  To write a poem is to gather the intention, the heart, and create the space with which to explore states of mindful awareness.  The poet knows the extraordinary shift that can take place when the poem writes itself -- even if for only a stanza or a word.  Neuroscience is beginning to explore the mental activity that is associated with these experiences.

To be mindful, is to be a poet.  Poetry rings out not only in the song, but in the manner of living.  Each step taken mindfully is the step of a poet.  Each breath with an open heart is the breath of a poet.  And when our inner world is struck with pain and suffering, it is the poet who speaks this truth, and the poet who knows when silence is the only sound that makes sense.

The Mindful Poet website honors the poem as an elegant vehicle of mindful expression, offering poems, resources, and insights from among the world’s great poets as well as those only know to their family and friends.   Emphasis is given to poetry that has been regarded as a gift to practitioner’s of mindfulness as well as those whose content flows out of a mindfulness practice.

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The Mindful Meter

“Where in this Breath”

This mind, this heart

Where in this life

Am I to find


This breath

And this breath

And this breath too.